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Our competences are measured by years of frontline experience and dozens of projects. Large and small, alike. We look for new challenges to take on.

Our main areas of expertise include:

Digital signage.

Design, Deployment, Software, System integration, Content creation

Design of digital signage systems.

We’ll prepare for you a state-of-the-art and effective digital signage system that will perfectly fit your business. It will increase your visibility and sales, facilitate communication with your customers, employees and help you optimize internal processes. Depending on your needs and budget we will offer you an end-to-end individually tailored digital signage solution.

We will smoothly guide you through all stages of DS system development. We will design a system that fits your needs within your budget while maximizing utilization of your own resources.

  • We’ll design technical and functional projects,

  • We’ll conduct ROI (Return-on-Investment) analysis as well as marketing communication analysis and market research,
  • We’ll help select the most suitable and cost-effective software and hardware solutions,

  • We’ll visualize vital information and data for you employees or customers,

  • We know a lot of Customer Experience.

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Digital Signage software.

We will select the most suitable programming platform for your business. We work with top European and American DS software companies that offer standardized solutions that can be adapted for your business or we can develop from scratch individually dedicated solution for you.

Omnivex Moxie.

We support Omnivex Moxie, enterprise grade platform, that allows for implementation of advanced scenarios.

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IT systems integration.

Successful development of digital signage systems entails using data from your own IT resources as well as external dispersed data sources. What you will get is automated exposure of the most significant information, trends and events. It will help you make the right decision in the right time. We will get along with you IT team. That’s our job.

Mature and complex business organizations can run dozens of IT systems that are not interconnected. Typically some of them collect, store or generate meaningful data that is not delivered to potentially-interested employers. Automated visualization will help you improve internal business processes. There is no need for painstaking, time-consuming manual data typing. Customized digital signage system with data exchange protocols will do that for you. Crucial information on your business (e.g. sales, inventories) delivered on time will help your employees achieve a lot of momentum.

Software & Embedded Systems.

Design and development.

Software & embedded systems.

Our development team gathered unique knowledge and experience. Some of our team members have gone a long way from Intel 8080 or Motorola 6800 to e.g. Freescale iMX platforms. It is more than creating an application or optimizing a code for processors or pipelining for a particular DSP core either fixed or floating point.

Microprocessor Development.

Microprocessor development using C, C++ and assembly languages. Several ARM and Intel 8051 based microcontroller systems for scientific and industrial applications.

Database applications.

Database application integration using SQL databases (MSSQL, Postgres).

We provide :

  • well designed, quality code with detailed design documentation and test results,
  • deliverables on time,
  • competitive pricing. Fixed cost for projects with clear statement of work, or we can work on time and materials,
  • support with email and ticket system.

Ready to get started? Prepare your next project with us!


Due to the confidentiality of the projects, we are not allowed to give much details. However we can provide you examples of the type of work we have done and past experience of our team in this area.

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